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Итальяно Основной 1

«Syto-Pyano» Italiano

103 Vidradnyi Ave

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phone: +38 096 889 09 09

+38 044 339 95 50


working hours: 10:00 – 23:00


About restaurant

Toscana, Campania, Umbria… Now you do not need to wait for a vacation to enjoy the legendary cuisine of these regions, because here, in Kyiv, you can visit a magnificent restaurant «Syto-Pyano Italiano» where, thanks to the chef enamoured of Italian gastronomy, you can enjoy traditional dishes and products of these sunny corners of the Apennine Peninsula.

Chef’s special dishes will be prepared in the open kitchen, while pizza will be served from the wood stove “Stefano Ferrara”, and fish or meat will be grilled over the open fire so that you feel the spirit and scent of sunny Italy.

A place of honor in the wine list is occupied by wines from the best wine-growing regions of Italy. All the dainties, combined with a typically Italian cozy interior, filled with thoroughly thought-out details, will give you the feeling of an unforgettable Italian vacation.


Vladimir Lyashko

Vladimir Lyashko is our brand-chef’s brilliant student and the soul of the «Syto-Pyano Italiano» restaurant. In our chain, Vladimir had come a long way from a line cook to the Chef and became a favorite of our guests.

Adults love him for perfectly cooked breathtakingly tasty food, which Vladimir’s team of professionals serves to the lovers of Italian cuisine every day.

And children simply cannot pass by the restaurant at weekends, because no one acquaints kids with the art of cooking better than Vladimir with his unique charismatic, interesting and funny way of teaching and nobody else can better explain them how to cook even the most complex dishes.



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Happy for you nowadays «Syto-Pyano Italiano» can organize any event, whether it’s an anniversary, a wedding reception, a birthday or a christening party.

Our large, made in elegant light colours, banquet halls are simply created for fun and joyous festivities. Here you won’t be just served delicious food cooked according to traditional Italian recipes and Italian house wine and seen to the door completely happy. Here you and your guests will be also entertained with songs in karaoke, live music, DJ sets and amusing competitions conducted by a host, while animators will masterly take care of your children.


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«Syto-Pyano Italiano» not only serves tasty food but also propagates purely Italian philosophy of family feasts and gatherings. Therefore, when designing the restaurant, great attention was paid to the smallest of our guests.

Visiting us with your children you can be sure that thanks to a special children’s menu from our Chef, they will eat with appetite and have fun in the company of an experienced instructor, who will pick up the most interesting educational games, fascinating books, colouring books and cartoons. And every weekend your kids have an opportunity to participate in master classes, where our Chef in a game form will teach them simple recipes.

You can safely entrust us your children and rest light-heartedly in a restaurant with friends.


We wait for you from 10:00 till 23:00
103 Vidradnyi Ave

+38 044 339 95 50
+38 096 889 09 09