Кухмейстер основной
Кухмейстер основной


36 Yelyzavety Chavdar St

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working hours: 11:00 – 23:00


About restaurant

In continuation of the old family tradition, a descendant of an ancient clan of chefs founded the whole house-restaurant on the left bank of the Dnipro river. Having a large family, he decided not to limit himself to problems with space and built three floors for his guests. In it, parts of one whole became: 450 seats, where even the largest company of friends can find a comfortable place, an open kitchen, as a wonderful place for rethinking recipes of the past, a separate stage for concerts and fireplaces on the second floor to warm the guests in cold weather, a passenger lift to take care of the elders and a spacious playground on the summer terrace on the third floor – a perfect place to entertain children of Kuch’s guests.

«Kuchmeister» is a place of disputes about wine, gastro-experiments and culinary duels. This is the place where a guest becomes a friend.


Yuriy Shramchenko

Yuriy Shramchenko is not just a chef. He is a real conductor of tastes. How to reveal a range of dish flavours, follow the harmony of each note in the chord, how to create a masterpiece from five components and decorate it accordingly – the knowledge that he possesses in perfection. And what is also important, Yuriy is ready to share that knowledge in master classes conducted for foodies of all ages, during culinary duels and interesting lectures in a narrow circle, debates about wine and gastro experiments.



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«Kuchmeister» has thought about such things as banquets, anniversaries, corporate parties or a simple celebration of a fact ‘what a large family you have’.

While designing the building itself, Kuch allocated the restaurant area, taking into account all the nuances, wishes and tastes of his guests:

  • 1600 square meters, three floors, where you can seat 100 and 250 people
  • there separate banquet halls for 20, 50 and 100 people

And the icing on the cake is a stage, where a microphone will hear the voices of bands and talented performers, who will be the decoration of any holiday.


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At the heart of traditions of «Kuchmeister»’s kin lies the aim to implant the younger generation love of creating and evolving. Under the roof of the restaurant is based Little Kuch’s Club – a space for children of all ages. The Children’s Culinary School popularizes the founder’s main idea: to cook and treat, share experience, acquire new knowledge and learn without struggling, through practice, among friends, in the form of allegories and games.


We wait for you from 11:00 till 23:00
36 Yelyzavety Chavdar St