Brand Chef

Vladislav Tanislavskiy

Vladislav Tanislavskiy is a talented Chef, thanks to whom, the chain «Syto-Pyano» has rightly been called the gourmet one.

Vlad embodied in our chain restaurants all his professional experience acquired during his acquaintanceship with the diverse cuisine of different countries and peculiar local products. He found the use to all the knowledge gained at international culinary congresses, master classes and food travels around the world.

The result of such painstaking work accomplished by him echoes in joyful faces of our dear guests. Those, who became not only regular visitors but also true friends of the restaurant team. This result is represented in a new generation of chefs that has grown up and headed kitchens not only of our restaurants but also of restaurants throughout Ukraine and even around the world. And of course it is reflected in the main evaluation of the Master’s talent – in grand openings of new and new diverse delicious places under the brand of the gourmet chain «Syto-Pyano» on the Kyiv map.